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TOROS’s Summit is from ASTİM..
TOROS’s Summit is from ASTİM..

Mersin Facility, one of the three fertilizer production facilities of Toros Tarım, has developed the feature of being an environment friendly production facility with ASTİM by commissioning a new flue gas scrubber system on a volunteer basis.

The facility, established with an investment of approximately 35 million TL, is one of the largest investments in Turkey in terms of environment as well as being the first for fertilizer sector.

In the long run, started in November 2014, we crossed the finish line finally.

As of May 2017, ASTIM successfully completed the manufacturing, shipment and mounting works of gas treatment plant on behalf of Waterleau for treatment of waste gases from Prill tower with height of 57 mt. of Toros Tarım Mersin Production Facility.

Under the project where 480 tons of manufacturing is made;

• Static calculations with Finite Element Method and 3D design of complete facility
• Ø3000mm gas ducts from Prill Tower with height of 57 mt. to the ground level
• The Scrubber Unit with dimensions of H17.400xW10.000xL15.650 mm
• 2,6 mW Fan assembly
• The Stack with Ø5.000mm.x H:60mt.

Beside above items, all process piping , installation all pumps, measuring devices and accessories is done by ASTİM.
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