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Screenings Technology
Grit & Grease Removal Technology
Sedimentation Technology
Aeration Technology
Sludge Treatment Technology
Water Flow Control Equipment
Material Handling Systems
Package Type Treatment Systems
Special Equipment & Vessels
Equipment For Water Intake Structures
ASTIM Company is producing quality equipment with its highly experienced staff consisting of 25 engineers and technicians and 80 certificated welders, montage auxiliary workmen that all are appreciated by our foreign and local customers.

ASTIM is equipped with suitable machinery and tools and is capable of fabricating steel works 5000 tons/year in its establishment that has 6000m² covered and 8000m² open-air manufacturing and storage area.
Our Capabilities Cover

Package or Skid mounted Water and Wastewater
Treatment Units
- Scrubbers for Flue Gas Purification
- Material Handling Systems
- Tanks, Silos, Gas Holders
- Pressurized Vessels, Heat Exchangers
- Stainless Steel Tank and Equipment for Food Industry
- For Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants:
Screening Equipment
Screening Handling Systems
Grit & Grease Scraper Bridges
Grit Separators
Oil Skimming Devices
Vertical Shaft Surface Aerators
Mammoth Rotors (Horizontal Surface Aerators)
Peripheral or Central Driven Scraping Systems

Settler Units for Anaerobic Reactors (Biogas Utilization)
Lamella Type Settling Units
Mixers & Flocculators
Polymer Preparation Units
Filter Presses
Belt Filter Presses
Water Flow Control Devices
  Equipments of ASTIM are manufactured according
to European norms such as; DIN, AD 2000- Merkblatt, EN-3834-2, ASME for pressure vessels, GOST-R for Russian countries etc. Also our organization and quality management system has been certified by TÜV NORD according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
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