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The screenings are wastes which must be minimized; reduced in volume as much as possible and shall be land filled or incinerated. Therefore the aim is to restrict screenings production as far as possible.
Screenings content 80% water, partly bound with organic material, 10% other material like hygienic material, plastic articles, cloth, fibers, stones, 5% organic material like paper, food residues etc. and 5% faeces.
In order to reduce weight, water has to be pressed out. This means that the most important point is to press the screenings. Since washed screenings can be better pressed, there must also be a washing in order to remove faeces and other organic material. Further positive effects are that the washed out organic material increases the organic content in relation to nitrogen which has again a positive effect on denitrification. Also the operating conditions (odors, handling etc.) in the screens area will be considerably more hygienic which has a beneficial effect on the staff.
ASTiM offers different types of Screening Treatment Systems. The Screening Treatment Systems not only dewaters the screenings, but also remove the organic material in the screenings by washing system integrated in the compacting zone. Screening Treatment Systems are not only used in water and wastewater treatment plants in screenings washing and dewatering. In pulp and paper industries; in reject thickening and dewatering, and other industries such as sea food and fish processing, meat processing, slaughterhouses, poultries, sugar processing, fruit and vegetable processing, brewery industry the screening press can easily be adopted to the process.
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