Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, which maintains its seriousness on a global scale, we have taken a number of precautions in our company.
In this context, we would like to inform everyone that:
- All our staff were provided with informative training about avoiding direct contact, safe distance, disinfection etc.
- Brochures for information purposes were posted.
- Hygiene activities were tightened, places of frequent contact are being disinfected minimum 2 times a day.
- Fever measurements of our personnel and visitors are realized in entrance.
- The controls of our workplace doctor are now being done more thoroughly.
- Overseas travel and visits are suspended until further notice.
- Except for planned and essential cases, visitors will not be accepted to the factory.
- Some of our personnel will take leave and some who are eligible will work home office to prevent the risk of contamination by reducing the number of personnel in workplace.
- Personnel is separated to limited groups for lunch, tea breaks and locker room usage.
- All personnel services are being disinfected daily.
- Security personnel and all personnel were informed about the importance of security activities.
We hope to overcome this difficult period of the world and our country together, as soon as possible.
With regards.