Leading product standards in the field of environmental technologies on global scale by engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities.


Developing better quality, more efficient, longer lasting and more economical product solutions by carrying out R&D studies with high standard engineering and design resources. To be the guarantor of the functional life span of the products produced by providing the best quality production and after sales services belonging to these solutions.



  • Whatever the reason, we do not sacrifice quality in every input, process and output.
  • Individually and institutionally our greatest dependence is high quality standards.
  • When developing solutions, we pay attention to be above quality standards, strong and economical.


  • We act with integrity in all activities and strictly follow and enforce professional ethics.
  • We contribute to both the national and global economy with our high-quality engineering solutions and the long-lasting equipment.
  • With the awareness of conducting business in the global world, we show flexibility in thought and practice, we work with our strength to meet all needs under all conditions.
  • We develop quality products and solutions that will enhance our customers' reputation, provide them with added value in every sense and act as solution partner at every step.
  • We plan the integrity of the whole while analyzing the details.
  • When we do business, we develop solutions even in the process, we work diligently to improve the project of our customers. 
  • We keep our reaction time to a minimum on encountered problems.


  • Both work and social experiences of all our employees are important to us. We support them in every way and we are proud of their success.
  • We work as a family and cooperate to achieve the best.
  • We constantly add information to our knowledge, remembering that corporate development is rooted in human resources.
  • We value labor, we work with family values within our company with long-term business relationships we build with our employees.


  • We constantly research and strive to go beyond global standards.
  • We follow the sector and the literature closely to develop effective solutions, we evaluate every opportunity for R & D studies.
  • We continuously improve our processes, designs and products by carefully evaluating the experiences we gained.