Integrated Pre-Treatment System “IPT” is compact equipment which combines all mechanical treatment process stages in One Stainless Steel Tank. While the screening and screenings treatment is done is a conveyor type screen. The grit is also settled in either non-aerated or aerated chamber which can be equipped with a grease removal chamber.

Function of Integrated Pre-Treatment System IPT

The wastewater flows through a fine screen where all floating and suspended matter is removed. The conveyor of fine screen is equipped with screenings press which transports the screenings out of the tank, dewaters and compacts them to a solids content of up to 40%. The dewatered and compacted screenings are dropped into a container. The press water is led back into the wastewater stream. 

The grit trap is designed in compliance with the ATV rules. In the grit trap settling matter is transported against flow direction and organic material is washed out. At the end of the horizontal transporting screw the settling matter falls into a lateral sump. While a grit classifier transports them out of the sump, the grit is dewatered and finally dropped into a container. 

The complete plant can be equipped with aeration or additionally with a grease trap in order to improve the function of the plant.

The fully automatic control of the plant depends on the water level, the control of the grit removal equipment on time. For cases of power failure, an emergency bypass can be connected to the channel.

Advantages of IPT

• Low initial and operation costs, 
• Low installation expenses, short installation periods, 
• Little space required, 
• Screenings and settling material are dewatered, thus disposal costs are lower. 
• Floating and settling material is removed within a closed system, thus no odor problem.



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