The primary application of penstocks is the flow control and isolation of fluids associated with water, waste water, sewage treatment plant, power generation, irrigation schemes and process plant. 

Section of the correct penstock to suit the duty is important to satisfy the design criteria and provide the most cost effective solution. Operation of the penstock is governed generally by factors outside the control of the penstock manufacturer.

Penstocks for open channels or wall mounted types with three or four sided EPDM seals are designed for on or off seating pressure and equipped with rising or non rising spindles which are operated manually or with actuators. 

Channel Mounted Penstocks 

3 sided seal, for open channels, for on-seating or off-seating pressure, for grouting in channel recess or for anchor bolting to channel outlet or in channel. 

Wall Mounted Penstocks

4 facings, for on-seating or off-seating pressure, suitable as throttle and flow control penstock, for mounting to inlets or outlets of chambers or basins, for grouting into structure recesses or for anchor bolting to smooth concrete walls. 


Straight or round sill or flush mounted sill 
Single-stem or double-stem type 
Rising or non-rising-stem type 
Manually operated or electrically actuated 
Design Features 
Welded frame of U-profile with thrust bridge, replaceable lateral profile seals and enclosed invert gasket
Door with reinforcing ribs and screwed guide rails or slide rails of plastic material Stem nut inserted and secured in recess 
Operating gear mounted on thrust bridge with stem bearing and handwheel or other types of operating gears 


- Width W x HS 300 x 300 up to 2000 x 2000. *Other sizes are available upon request. 
Available Materials

- AISI 316 or AISI 304 *Other materials or combinations are available upon request.